What Type of Person Makes a Good Hypnotherapist

In order for hypnotherapists to be effective and successful there are a number of factors to consider. There is only one thing more rewarding than helping people changes their lives and that is helping people change their lives fast. It can feel absolutely amazing to help someone rapidly resolve life-long anxiety or to help people quickly break old habits, efficiently dissolve destructive relationship patterns or stop a phobia in one session. It is an incredible feeling, but it is not just about technique. There are many people that could learn the techniques but when they try to use them, they won’t work in the same way or certainly not as well. Truth is, it is much less about what the therapist knows and much more about what the therapist feels. Less about head and more about heart.

The good therapists really care about their clients, they really care about helping them create change, they really believe in the techniques, they really believe in their client’s ability to change quickly and they have an enormous belief in their ability to use these techniques effectively. All of that belief creates a congruent, confident and charismatic energy that the client feels on the conscious and unconscious level. When a therapist truly understands the power of language and how to negotiate directly with the unconscious mind of the client, amazing things become possible. You first need to understand why a person is behaving why they are, why they are making the choices they are, and then you get the key to create change, because you can communicate with them in such a way where they can feel your certainty, where they can feel your deep belief in their ability to change. When I negotiate with a person’s unconscious I explain that I have done this many times before, I explain that everything I am saying is designed to help them be free, I help the person connect with the parts that they previously thought were bad, I get them to apologise, to first create connection where there was conflict, to see clearly that all of their parts (including the really destructive and dysfunctional ones) are always trying to hep on some level. By establishing this understanding, respect returns, and change becomes possible. You then essentially pitch that part an alternative way of doing things. You give that part a better set of choices that will now serve the client and they whole system in a much more organic way. You build a bridge to the future of a possibility where the client can be happy, healthy and free. This is done with confidence and a huge amount of care. The client can feel this attention, can feel all of this belief and they they then start to believe. They have healed the disconnection, re-purposed old parts, taken on an empowered identity and can also hopefully see the beauty in their old challenges, transforming them into learning and beautiful opportunities for growth.

As a hypnotherapist, you are holding this huge vision for them, understanding where all of their challenges have come from, loving every part of what they did to make sense of their world, and offering an invitation for them to come home to who they really are. Not to return to who they used to be, but rather to create space for them to be who they always would have been if they had always been loved and looked after in the right way. Who would they have been if they had been always nurtured, nourished and inspired by their parents every day. Who would they have been if they had been educated by enlightened masters and super positive teachers that loved teaching?

Hypnotherapy is not about fixing problems, that is just the first step. Hypnotherapy is about remembering who you are and developing the courage to overcome your challenges, achieve your goals and to see everyday as a beautiful opportunity to enjoy bringing your very best to life. The good therapists are the ones in love with helping their clients do this. I am much less interested in fixing problems and am now much more interested in going on a journey with the clients that want to take their whole life to the next level. There is no more beautiful way to spend your day.


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