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- The FreeMind Charity Project -


FM Hypnotherapy Training is dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their own ability to overcome their difficulties, achieve their goals and enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and harmony.

FM Hypnotherapy Training focuses on understanding and enhancing the three pillars of peace, power and purpose because those are the foundations upon which success and happiness are built.

At FM Hypnotherapy Training we believe that everyone deserves to be given the tools that will enable them to build a life that they will love.

Extraordinary life change is possible and it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

We are very excited to share these amazing techniques.

Tom Fortes Mayer is a Harley Street hypnotherapist, an internationally published author, creator of the FreeMind  meditation app, international speaker, founder and lead facilitator and trainer of the FM Hypnotherapy Training Courses and creator of the FreeMind Hypnosis System that consists of a three pillar approach to happiness.

Since the year 2000 Tom has been completely dedicated to helping people enjoy their lives more. It is a big step to think about looking at your life and deciding to change it.

He is passionate about helping people bring more peace, power and purpose to their lives. Having experienced a life-changing epiphany himself, he has dedicated his life to the art and science of creating similar liberating epiphanies for others.

His greatest passion is found in combining hypnosis techniques, ritual and music to make people’s transformation more magical, sacred, celebratory and heartfelt. He truly believes that the process of bringing your best to life should be a total, wide-eyed ride of pleasure, passion and joy. This underpins everything he does.

Tom now trains people in this unique system.

He is also the founder of the FreeMind Project Charity (reg 1126454), an organisation dedicated to bringing the beautiful practices and principles of emotional intelligence, success psychology and oneness philosophy to the wider public in engaging, practical and playful ways.

- The FreeMind Charity Project -


BOOK: The FreeMind Experience

This book is a practical and fascinating look at what real happiness is and how we can enjoy more of it. Tom demonstrates with great clarity, passion and playfulness that there are three pillars upon which all lasting happiness and success are built.

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Myleene Klass, Broadcaster and Musician

“After my experience of the FreeMind system I felt amazing and totally unstoppable I really believe it could change the world”

Review 3

Dr. David Morris

“This is an astonishingly powerful tool. I have seen patients with long-term issues, who had previously explored traditional therapies without much success, be totally transformed by FreeMind”

Freedom is realising that no one
else can make us feel anything.

Tom Fortes Mayer

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